Donna Pinter

Active years: 1976 - present
Roswell, Ga
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My work involves the translation of my painting into glass and mosaic murals. I have been painting large-scale public art for 25 years. My desire has always been to find a way to create large-scale works of art that could withstand the elements and capture the gestural movement and vibrant color of my paintings. I first started working with collaboration with Becoming Tile on creating the prototypes for the Aquarium series. With the glass I can get the vibrant color and a direct
translation of the image on my original paintings. The smaller the glass tile the tighter the images appear close up. The larger glass tile the better it reads from longer distances. My collaboration with Facente Mosaic Studios has opened up new door of doing large and small-scale hand glazed mosaic murals.
Working directly on the wet clay give me enables me to paint on the clay as if it was a canvas.

Donna at the Wall
Donna at the Wall
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